Limitation of Liability

This whitepaper is written for the sole purpose of providing facts about ACT (Acet) token and its ecosystem.

The company is not liable for any damages caused from any persons or any organizations interpreting or referring partly or entirely to this whitepaper without cautiousness and proper consideration. The company is not liable in any manner of readers’ interpretation, analysis, prediction, publishing referred to this whitepaper regardless of personal opinions, improvidence, and so on.

This publication does not concern itself with any manner of investment. Also, this whitepaper does not advise or persuade any persons to buy or sell ACT (Acet) tokens or invest in any assets.

Some sections of this whitepaper may refer to possible situations or activities in the future, including both potential and unpredictable risks, or uncertainties that lead to any changes. Reader discretion is advised. Readers must decide on conducting transactions themselves.

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