“Decentralized Finance” or “DeFi” is a disruptive innovation, having a strong impact on world banking and finance. It is a financial ecosystem on the internet where traditional products and services on centralized finance (CeFi) take place openly on blockchain technology in the form of decentralized applications (DApp). It offers a solid solution for the bottleneck effect in numerous industries through elevating the use of digital assets and financial services and receiving support on financial transparency and accessibility. It leads to rapid growth and increasing use cases of DeFi at present.

“ACT (Acet)” is a new asset with the combination of “Fans Token” and “Decentralized Finance,” so it is called “Decentralized Fans Financial Token (DeFansFi Token).” It is initiated by “Acme Traderist,” a highly experienced trader in the world financial market, to allow “Fanstrade”, “individuals” and “business sectors” to join in the new economy via a new digital currency “ACT” (Acet).

The objective is to be a globally-used digital token in the growing digital economy. The holders -- persons, or business sectors -- can buy, sell, trade, and conduct any transactions with ACT (Acet) upon holders’ request.

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